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Plungie Pools Purchase Plans

Enjoy your pool
in days, not months

10 Steps to Plungie

  1. Schedule an appointment to discuss your backyard improvements with us... the team here at Custom Coastal Designs.
  2. On site visit with crane professionals for estimate of cost.
  3. Meeting to understand required engineering to design and making improvements permit ready.
  4. Meeting with our recommended installer to discuss available options. Also contact HFS for financing options available to our clients.
  5. Purchase your choice of Plungie, equipment and options.
  6. Contract with installer.
  7. Ready backyard for Plungie arrival.
  8. Your pool is craned in.
  9. Complete backyard improvements by installer
  10. Enjoy your backyard get away.

Free set of Cottage Plans of your choice with the purchase of a Plungie Pool

Let Us Help and Design Your Customized Backyard Resort

From concept plans to permit submittals

Timothy Lakes, Waycross Dr, Ridgeville, SC

Crystal clear in-ground pool surrounded by concrete walkways and grass in alternating square patterns.

Our Pool Equipment Packages

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Our Pool Project Costs

Your estimate is based on actual and wholesale costs. Pricing for a turnkey Plungie Pool starts from the mid $60's depending on the owner's finishes outside the pool itself and equipment choices. Each pool will need to be individually estimated, and costs will be subject to lot conditions, engineering, shipping, labor, and inflationary pressures. Quoted pricing may change without notice.